Rebecca Shore

Moving from New York to Israel in 1984 was a significant turning point in my life. Now, I reside in the Old City of Jerusalem with my husband and children, where the rich history, ancient landscape and spiritual atmosphere inspire me every day.

In 1990, I founded Art From the Heart...of Jerusalem, and for the past decades, I've been sharing my line of Judaica with the world. My pieces can be found in homes across the globe.

Jerusalem and Jewish wisdom are my primary sources of inspiration. Drawing from Biblical ideas and phrases, I strive to visually express the depth and emotion behind each verse in my work. Whether it's a signed poster for children or a hand-touched giclee, my goal is to infuse each piece with the essence of Jewish tradition and meaning.

My artistic style is a fusion of colorful imagery, ink stitching, and 3500 years of Jewish tradition, creating a unique and beloved aesthetic. I'm passionate about combining my love for Judaism with my talent for enchanting visual design.

A Rebecca Shore print is not just a piece of art; it's a meaningful gift for life's significant moments, whether it's a baby naming, bris, bar/bat mitzvah, engagement, wedding, or anniversary.

I invite you to rediscover the key to your heart through Art from the Heart…of Jerusalem!